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Problems with Mistertango?

In recent years, with the progress in technology and improvements in the sphere of the virtual world, the way of service has become more online and very different from the traditional type. Banking and financial systems affected more than other services. However with the involvement of cryptocurrencies and popularity of these types of currencies among people, today the global community requires new kinds of services that can cover all new updates. In this short article, we want to write about Mistertango as one of the online platforms that is providing banking services to their users and offering special services for businesses and crypto customers. 

Mistertango & Its Features 

As shortly mentioned above, Mistertango is an online platform that makes financial and banking services available for cryptocurrency users. With Mistertango, customers will be able to access traditional types of services, make exchanges, invest and be involved in the industry. All mentioned services are available for both personal and business accounts who open the IBAN account on this platform. Should be noted that Mistertango is providing customers with different plans for both personal and business accounts; nevertheless different plans will have their own features but the main point is that there is no transaction fee for a private account and just one euro for the business account. For more clarification, Mistertango is providing its services for companies which are active in the EU and EEA region; however, users simply with Mistertango’s mobile app will be able to check the availability of services for their company and all other necessary information. Also customers will be able to make the crypto exchange and trade by this online platform easily from their mobile. Worth bearing in mind that currently there are more than 10 million customers using Mistertango and its services all around the world.  

The Problems of Mistertango

Definitely, every online platform with all their profit and services for the users, also has some issues and negative points that are good to know about. In the case of Mistertango, there are several problems that are bold and take the attention of all customers. Issues such as: the miss information in the official website especially about plans, slow customer service, required so many documents in every process and not being crypto friendly as it should be. It is worthy to mention that Mistertango is regulated by the Central bank of Lithuania and registered as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI); in this case, there is no doubt about its safety and security. 


Nevertheless, we can not deny that the idea and service of Mistertango is unique in its kind. This online platform, with all issues that are mentioned, still is active and trying to solve problems with the new updates and improvements so customers and online users can feel more comfortable than before.